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Derek Lam

A modern, elevated, and elegant ecommerce experience

Derek Lam is a high fashion luxury brand that was in need of a website that thoughtfully represented the modern, calculated sensibility and refined details that go into it’s products.

Derek was a student of American design and we wanted a website that communicated this key influence and approach to American sportswear. Drawing inspiration from the work of Derek Lamhimself, we thought both of the Derek Lam woman, and also drew a lot of inspiration from the famed art director and designer, Alexey Brodovitch.


  • UX
  • Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation

We crafted an experience with the Derek Lam version of boldness: generous use of white space, large moments of color, big type, and overall paring the design down to the essentials. Overall, this created a modern, elevated, and elegant shopping experience. Most importantly, his greatest inspiration was the modern woman and how she moves through space and in his clothing. We took this inspiration and coupled it with a hi def, bold approach to luxury so that it felt true to the core brand and propelled it forward into the future.