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Proenza Schouler

Ecommerce redesign, rooted in duality.

New York fashion House and five time CFDA winner, Proenza Schouler, partnered with Wondersauce to redesign their digital platform. Proenza prioritizes effort in craftsmanship and process of creation, creating their own unique textiles and fabrics. We wanted to design a platform that reflects this dedication to detail and craft, while capturing the essence of a brand that has a wide spectrum of influences and expressions.


  • UX
  • Design
  • Front-End Development


Duality is an overriding theme that runs through each and every part of the Proenza Schouler brand. We wanted to create a digital platform that affords this to be showcased, allowing for the juxtaposition and tension of the brand to be surfaced and communicated to the customer in a visual capacity.


Exposing Influences

The influences of Art, Culture, Craft and Design on Jack and Lazaro are immediately apparent through Proenza Schouler products, yet were not translating across the site. To provide customers insight into the Proenza world and create an in-depth brand experience, we created opportunities and surprise moments that exhibit the autobiographical experiences that Jack and Lazaro inject into the Proenza Schouler product line.


Our inspiration was founded upon Proenza Schouler’s numerous artistic influences, its immersive retail experience and its ability as a brand to express itself in a multitude of ways. This led to us designing a flexible mobile-first system built around subtle movement interactions that brings disparate brand elements together into a unified story of process, craftsmanship and inspiration. To ensure a clear visual language for years to come, we created a robust Visual Content Guide so that Proenza Schouler can introduce their new products to ecommerce with consistency, style and grace. And finally, we gave Proenza Schouler a definitive ecommerce voice, declaring clothing is art.