Greater New York Hospital Association

A new platform to support New York’s hospitals

As the premier advocacy group for New York’s hospitals, the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) aims to make healthcare better for NYCs residents, hospitals, and their employees. The new GNYHA website invites users to engage with the groups’ robust content and tools with a new level of breadth and proficiency.

The predominant goals were to make GNYHA’s expert knowledge and wealth of resources accessible to their community, to portray GNYHA as the authority on hospital operations, and ultimately to re-engage GNYHA members through digital.


  • UX
  • Product Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Product Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Organizational Planning

We were truly impressed with the time and dedication of the Wondersauce team. The interest and pride they took in our build far surpassed our previous website-building experiences.

Brian Conway – Senior Vice President, Communications



With a publishing workflow routed in decades old postal service best practices, the GNYHA system was sluggish, unaccountable, and unclear. In order to provide a logical and swift user experience, we had to rethink the way in which GNYHA executes its business online. After performing an audit of GNYHA’s organizational structure and publishing sequence, we dismantled their current structure and started anew. The result is a modern digital first publishing flow that drastically reduces the friction of publishing timely content. Coupled with that new flow we created the role of Digital Editor in Chief for GNYHA. This new role allows GNYHA to have consistent and clear content, that is routed in GNYHA’s voice.


less steps to publish content



Through close client collaboration and ethnographic research, GNYHA and Wondersauce were able to create a new information architecture, tagging system, and content types. Rather than being rooted in GNYHA branded terms, the new IA was established using topics users understand and care about. The outcome is a new system that is significantly easier for users to maneuver.


content pieces re-organized and tagged



GNYHA’s website covers a vast amount of topics, ranging from hospital regulations to pathogen outbreaks. This wide array of topics makes large swaths of content extraneous to its users. In order to counter that decision overload, we built a personalized experience for GNYHA members. Based on your user type and area of interest, users receive a customized homepage and search that highlights the content most important to them.



Wondersauce was tasked with upgrading GNYHA's outdated infrastructure with something modern and fast. The team was faced with the harsh conditions of hospital computers, old web browsers, and non savvy users. This forced us to focus on paring back all non-essential elements from the GNYHA digital system to maintain a streamlined aesthetic and codebase, which resulted in a design system that is both performant, elegant, and easy to use.

The result sets an impressive standard for making an extremely complex system of information accessible to its core audience.


faster than the previous


The Wondersauce team went above and beyond on our website build. They really took the time to understand our organization, the needs of our members, and the desires of our staff throughout the build.

Kate Bastinelli – Director, Digital Communications & Design