Ironically, AI has the potential to make e-commerce human again.

John Sampogna, CEO

At Wondersauce we’ve been contemplating the future of e-commerce and the profound impact AI will have on agencies that design and build experiences for brands.

While it will undoubtedly disrupt and commoditize the viability of the traditional agency – user experience – design – build process, it will also open up numerous opportunities for product design studios to revolutionize our thinking and the shopping experience again.

We've adhered to best practices for years, which have their merits but can be limiting when creating enjoyable and ownable brand shopping experiences without adversely affecting conversion rates.

AI will likely lead to a shake-up in web standards. Today's best practices could become the outdated restrictions of tomorrow.

So, what might this future look like?

My hunch is that interfaces will resemble how we engage daily with social apps. Everyone is different and has their own style in sharing moments, milestones, and the mundane. Digital experiences will follow suit, and true personalization and context will be the center of it all. This has been the promise for years, but we now have the technology to deliver.

Imagine redefining product photography to envision yourself or through an AI representation with your exact height and weight interacting with the products you're interested in buying. This could transform every fashion and apparel website into a dynamic space where you can confidently mix and match styles, knowing precisely how they will fit. Think “lookbook,” but for you and all your favorite brands.

This is just one example, but it's inspiring and reminds me of how fun it was creating digital experiences a decade ago and all of the experimentation it led to. It's our responsibility to craft a future that's both conversion-friendly and exciting, and I believe the next few years may be a lot of fun.

What does the e-commerce experience of tomorrow look like for you?

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