Your content is your brand.

John Sampogna, CEO

All of it.

Both significant brand initiatives requiring months of consideration and more day-to-day content, which may require mere seconds or even no consideration at all.

We’re seeing that increasingly, most brand awareness, conversions, and engagement come from often undervalued content.

It’s vital to rethink and prioritize content creation that may seem less glamorous. Product photography, for instance, should work a lot harder. Organic social and influencer content, too.

Starting your ideation at the “top of the funnel” and working down is a dated approach that will cost you time and money.

When we approach content production, rather than thinking of these as buckets to check off the list, we’re thinking more creatively about the assets that will fulfill these needs.

We aim to establish a flexible content library that can be utilized across different use cases, leveraged for ongoing video and social content, and designed to be shared with other partners.

Ultimately, the goal is to create more impactful brand moments with content that has a much longer shelf life.

This approach will become increasingly crucial as AI automation streamlines content creation processes and allows teams of all sizes to increase the speed and fidelity of their output.

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