Our strategist, Jake Lenze, shares the trends that everyone should be paying attention to this spring.

Jake Lenze, Strategist

To start, think of consumers tracking product drops and lining up for hours to make a purchase. You're probably thinking of a luxury item, but these buying behaviors are finding their way to inconspicuous products like water bottles, athleisure, and more. Rising brands will take note of this behavior and seek to build the same fanfare around their products.

Next up, as AI continues to permeate the creative world, human-made works will become more a premium. Be on the lookout for the rise of AI-detection tools, and an emphasis on the organic across art, film, and music as a differentiating force against AI.

Finally, the augmented reality renaissance is here with a brand new name – Spatial Computing. While it may take years to be fully adopted, winning brands must begin to explore designing for a 3D space and leveraging new user controls like hand and eye movements to keep pace.

What trends have caught your eye?

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